School Profile of Beautiful Mind

Beautiful Mind Beautiful Mind is a private organization registered under the Ministry of Social Welfare, Bangladesh. About 3/1000 children show severe Mental Retardation and 2.5% show mild to moderate Mental Retardation while around 1% children suffers from autism all over the world. We assume the figure would be similar in our country. But there are hardly any proper centers for the holistic care of these children in our country.


Thus the thought of a special school arouse and established in July 2004 by our founder chairperson Dr. Shamim Matin Chowdhury - A Child and Adolescence Psychiatrist and an Autism Specialist in Bangladesh.


  • Since then we are offering wide range of flexible programs for autistic and mentally challenged children ,we pride ourselves on our capacity to responds specific needs of each individuals entrusted to our care.
  • The center is situated at Dolipra North of Uttara Model Town, Dhaka. The area is in a semi-rural with urban development closing in around the center.
  • The student population of special needs comes from varied socio economic and cultural backgrounds with no apparent majority group.
  • Center building is a costume-built house and co-educational. Classes are formed on an age grade basis with composite formed on special needs of the children.
  • The center building has modern - equipped physiotherapy, speech-therapy and occupational-therapy laboratories to support children's clinical needs.
  • Academically this center follows the National Curriculum and the Foundation Stage but modified by school staff to meet the needs of pupils with Autism and Mental Retardation.
  • Special approaches to teaching these special children, such as Verbal Prompt, TEACCH, PECS and ABA system are used to provide individualized methodology for each pupil.